Surgery Scheduler

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Surgery Scheduler

Colorado Springs, Colorado




Job Description

Job Title: Surgery Scheduler




Schedules and preauthorizes surgeries for physicians.  Schedules other specialized procedures with the medical practice.  Schedules follow up appointments in the office.  



Job Description


  • Serves as the primary person to coordinate and schedule surgery appointments for physicians. 
  • Pre-authorizes surgeries through insurance companies and schedules procedures at the designated facility. 
  • Accurately enters information into the scheduling system. 
  • Maintains a surgical log for statistical analysis. 
  • Provides Pre-surgical packets to patients confirming date and pre-operative instructions.  This is accomplished by mail or in-person.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the surgical facilities for any special equipment or personnel needed for the surgery. (ie surgical assists, surgical equipment). 
  • Will make sure all pre-operative labs are ordered, tracked for completion, and scanned correctly into the patient’s electronic medical record. 
  • Responsible for double checking the phone system each day to ensure the call information has been correctly changed and the phone call schedules changed if necessary.
  • Responsible for reviewing and double-checking templates after the primary person templates the schedules. Must identify all errors before templates are published. 
  • Performs additional duties as assigned.





Surgery Scheduling for Medical Facilities


Physical Demands

Carrying Weight                                    Frequency            

1-25 lbs.                                                  Frequent from 34% to 66%

26-50 lbs.                                                Occasionally from 2% to 33%

Pushing/Pulling                                    Frequency

1-25 lbs   .                                               Seldom, up to 2%

100 + lbs.                                                Seldom, up to 2%

Lifting – Height & Weight                     Frequency

Floor to Chest, 1 -25 lbs.                      Occasional:  from 2% to 33%

Floor to Chest, 26-50 lbs.                      Seldom:  up to 2%

Floor to Waist, 1-25 lbs.                       Occasional:  from 2% to 33%

Floor to Waist, 26-50 lbs.                      Seldom:  up to 2%


Placement Type: Contract to Direct


Schedule:  Monday to Friday 8am-4:30pm


Pay: $17.98 to $31.58 Depending on Experience