Process Technician

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Process Technician

Colorado Springs, Colorado




Job Description

Process Technician: Sets up, operates, and troubleshoots a variety of automatic or semi-automatic manufacturing machines including robotic assembly equipment used in the production of the company's semiconductor products. Responsible for the overall operation of potentially large-scale manufacturing machinery including actions such as feeding materials for processing, adjusting settings, and pulling finished product from the line. Works from computer driven program, or written/verbal instructions given by Management or Engineering to perform processing, troubleshooting, dispositioning, and documenting all actions in a timely manner in order to meet Production goals and requirements.



  • Checks and inspects operation results against predetermined tolerances – SPC charts
  • Operate traditional fab equipment
  • Operate tools needed to complete wafer processing
  • Follow proper material handling guidelines; handle delicate materials
  • Follow proper cleanroom protocols
  • Perform first level maintenance troubleshooting and determine if maintenance intervention is needed
  • Interface with Engineering, Maintenance, and Management daily
  • Ability to troubleshoot tool errors and be able to make adjustments accordingly, while continuing to provide a quality product
  • Knowledge of SPC data and charts
  • Perform first level engineering troubleshooting and dispositioning of lots/wafers
  • Ability to perform needed actions to allow production to continue in a timely manner, without jeopardizing quality
  • Setup, operate, and troubleshoot assigned production equipment striving to achieve goals for quality, efficiency and productivity.
  • Understand and identify defects in accordance with applicable workmanship and communicate/collaborate on how to decrease or eliminate
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned



  • 2-5 years of machine operating experience or equivalent
  • HS Diploma or GED.
  • Previous experience in manufacturing/cleanroom setting a plus
  • Must be able to work compressed work shifts
  • Standing for 12hour shift
  • Lift up to 50lbs
  • Good mechanical aptitude and vision/finger dexterity
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to read and comprehend component part markings and polarity
  • Ability to interpret Engineering Documentation, work instructions, and data collection charts
  • Professional and positive communication skills 

Contract to Direct

All Shifts (12 hr schedules)