Administrative Assistant I- 40292

Job Details

Administrative Assistant I- 40292

Colorado Springs, Colorado




Job Description

Administrative Assistant I- 40292

Job Duties:

  • Read written communication verbatim, including emails, letters, news articles, etc.
  • Based on dictation from Councilmember, take written notes and produce written internal/external communications such as emails, reports, letters, and news columns
  • Convert Council Meeting agendas and other written communications to an accessible format for assistive technology
  • Attend meetings and events with the Council member to provide visual orientation and take minute and notes as directed
  • Provide assistance with basic tasks such as getting food at lunch, making beverages throughout the day, cleaning up dishes, cleaning up office and desk areas, etc.
  • Provide routine care and general oversight of guide dog, including providing water, taking on short walks, etc.
  • Maintain electronic calendar of meetings and weekly schedule of events, accounting for the needs of both virtual and in-person appearances
  • Arrange transportation (Metro Mobility, ride-share, etc.) to and from meetings and events
  • Maintain highly organized electronic filing systems including email archives, shared drive folders, etc.
  • Assist with social media management based on direction from Councilmember. Take photographs and quotations at events for use on accounts.
  • Maintain political neutrality and confidentiality in dealing with Council members, Staff, and local agencies
  • Ability to travel on occasional overnight trips


Drug screening required


Long-term- 2-6 months or until replacement is hired

Pay: $16.79/hour-$21.27/hour depending on experience

Schedule: Full-time (40 hours/week)