Senior CNA School Program Manager

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Senior CNA School Program Manager

Colorado Springs, Colorado



Direct Placement

Job Description

Supervises: CNA Instructors and school administrative personnel in all locations


Job Summary:

The Sr. CNA School Program Manager will be responsible for managing and supervising all daily school operations, including supervision of school instructors and administrative staff and the management of revenue and expense budgets, student flow, State and regulatory compliance and audits, and hiring, training and schedule management of instructors in all school locations to successfully administer education programs offered in online and in-person setting. The goals of the school’s programs are focused on delivering high-quality education that prepares CNAs and family caregivers to exceptional care for their family members or other pediatric clients, as allowed by state and federal regulations. The manager oversees and participates in assessing, planning, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the services provided to students and patients in this program and creates a program curriculum that allows a high graduation rate and quality output.


The Senior Manager is also responsible for providing a broad range of administrative, facilitation, scheduling, and curriculum design functions, specifically in the area of Health Education & Health Promotion to support our CNA programs and its initiatives. Responsible for the standard setting and provisions of learning activities and program content, and continuing education as delegated by the Governing Board of Directors and in accordance with Federal, State, regulations, and accreditation standards.


This role directs all daily operations and staff of the school with primary duties focused on daily staff and process management, strategic and budget oversight, and planning, developing and overseeing the CNA course curriculum through online and onsite delivery mechanisms as well as ensuring student  scheduling and flow optimization within the coursework and required timeframe. Must ensure program is within compliance and organizational expectations, within HIPAA and other policy and federal/state regulations. Responsibilities will also include hire, terminate, and train staff, establish and manage staff structures, manage revenue and expense budgets, establish and manage business processes, performance dashboards and KPIs, and more.


The manager will act as the official program coordinator for the CNA training program as well as participate in yearly audits, strategic planning, marketing, and budgeting initiatives working within the guidelines of the organization’s mission and policies and any federal/state and other regulatory guidelines.


Roles and Responsibilities


  1. Align the mission and vision of the program with the strategic direction, mission, and goals of the organization.
  2. Demonstrate leadership within the faculty for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum.
  3. Participate in the budget planning and success measurement goal setting with other senior leaders for administering the program budget and reaching success goals.
  4. Develop and expand a comprehensive Certified Nursing Assistant education program that complies with and meets all federal / state/ local ACHC requirements.
  5. Work with marketing to educate the market about family caregivers and how to become a CNA
  6. Develop a comprehensive recruitment plan ensuring the programs growth targets are met
  7. Orient students and staff to ensure client needs are met or exceeded
  8. Work with other departments to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of student completion, billing, placement, scheduling flow and licensure.
  9. Departmental systems and structure planning, materials oversight, assessment, and forward- thinking growth strategy planning within the CNA School.
  10. Develop clear program goals, measurement matrix and tracking dashboards to effectively manage expenses, revenue targets and student enrollment goals - Complete weekly reports, monthly performance data dashboards with data analysis, and monthly pro-active KPI measurement reviews for the school
  11. Plan, develop, direct, and coordinate educational programs for online courses and in-facility training including required programming mandated by federal and state guidelines; programs include but are not limited to CNA classes.
  12. Provide leadership to staff in formulating the goals/objectives of the facility in-service programs.
  13. Direct the preparation, scheduling and selection of instructional material, equipment, and training aides to ensure modern, meaningful in-services.
  14. Develop and manage daily student schedules for all courses and monitor student flow and numbers on a weekly basis
  15. Directs administrative personnel in all school locations
  16. Develop and execute performance reviews and job descriptions for each staff member of the school
  17. Prepares, manages and delivers annual State audit and regulatory requirements.
  18. Develop, articulate, and implement class curriculum through technical integration.
  19. Evaluate emerging technology and assessment tools, and guide organization on strategic and operational decisions involving instructional technology hardware, software, and programs.
  20. Coordinate continuous in-service training programs to ensure that appropriate topics are included in the program and student needs are being met.
  21. Reviews existing health education class offerings & prioritizes development of new health education class offerings.
  22. Drives the completion of health education work plans through organization & facilitation of meetings, monitoring, or work tasks & the completion of periodic status reports as required.
  23. Initiate and provide ongoing development, implementation and evaluation of RN, LPN, and CNA educational programs of the organization. Oversees written plans for classroom instruction, labs, assessments, and clinical learning experience. Evaluate program outcomes and make modifications as needed.
  24. Secures and supervises staff of RNs, LPNs and ancillary instructors who deliver classroom instruction, lab and clinical labs to students. Assigns faculty loads in accordance with State policy and regulations.
  25. Secures appropriate classroom and clinical facilities and robust online learning management system.
  26. Assesses trends, innovations, research, standards, and conceptual models for impact on professional practice and applicability to quality improvement, education enhancement.
  27. Ensures appropriate, accurate and timely recordkeeping and billing of student tuition.
  28. Develops, maintains, and communicates program policies and procedures.
  29. Maintains documentation relevant to outreach initiatives, including target population description, number & copies of materials provided.
  30. Develops, manages, and monitors nursing clinical affiliation agreements. Directs educational activities with outside agencies including schools and other facilities.
  31. Works with numerous community partners and advocates of students and programs.
  32. Networks to establish the agency as a pre-eminent source of professional education, healthcare information and patient care delivery.
  33. Participates in regional cross-functional teams, as appropriate, to drive clinical improvements & efficient use of resources.


Minimum Requirements

    • Ability to effectively plan, develop, direct, and implement professional education systems and programs for a home health care agency.
    • Minimum of Five (5) years of experience in nursing, including clinical and supervisory experience, management and advanced nursing practice, professional education program development and quality improvement activities, or some equivalent combination of training and experience.
    • Have at least two (2) years of nursing experience in caring for the elderly and/or the chronically ill of any age of which at least one (1) year must be in the provision of services in a long-term care facility.
    • Two (2) years of experience developing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs and instructional staff in an online and on-site environment.
    • Two (2) years of experience with personnel recruitment, development, retention, management, and supervision of staff.
    • Have at least two (2) years’ experience in developing budgets, operational plans, student flow schedules, and training programs for online and in person.
    • Must possess an active unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse (RN) in Colorado.
    • Must have or be able to meet the requirements to acquire a Full-Time Colorado Credential for Career and Technical Education.
    • Two (2) years of full-time, or equivalent, clinical experience as a practicing registered nurse is required.
    • Minimum of two (2) years of full-time, or equivalent, experience in teaching in an approved Nursing Education Program, CNASchool or equivalent program is required.
    • Documented knowledge and skills related to teaching adults, teaching methodology, curriculum development, and curriculum evaluation.
    • Seasoned instructor who is passionate about the care giver profession and career pathway
    • Experience working with a diverse student population.
    • Positive, professional communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Strong organizational, operations, budget management, and project management skills.
    • Competent with use of technology, including but not limited to student information systems, online education systems, and learning management systems.
    • Detail oriented and highly collaborative.
    • Results orientated with a proven record of accomplishment of building and managing new programs and scale across multiple locations.
    • Robust understanding of issues related to the delivery and coordination of home health care and ability to problem solve issues effectively.
    • Willingness to develop market and oversee CNA/Family Caregiver education programs, ensuring annual growth targets are met.
    • Ability to work with people in such a manner as to build high morale and group commitment to goals and objectives.
    • Possess in-depth knowledge of nursing and medical practices and procedures, laws, regulations, and guidelines that pertain to healthcare.
    • Must be organized and able to handle multiple projects with a high degree of accuracy.
    • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills with a professional demeanor that ensures trust and competence amongst peers.
    • The Manager and Program Coordinator shall have experience in and ability to prepare and coordinate In-service education and training programs for adult learners in the area of geriatrics and pediatrics.
    • Must have Knowledge and use of medical equipment utilized for training in the skills lab and in the clinical site along with the technical equipment for classroom.
    • Knowledge of professional Nursing, LPN, CNA practice standards and scope of practice regulations for healthcare personnel
    • Robust Knowledge of state and federal regulations governing the operation of nurse aide and related training programs.
    • Ability to measure outcomes with focus on validity and reliability.
    • Ability to interpret and apply Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, and coordinate accreditation and State audits and surveys.
    • Ability to create, design and manage processes dashboards and KPIs for a complex business unit structure.
    • Ability to multi-task, organize, instruct, and oversee all levels of staff, while promoting group effort and achievement.
    • Proficiency in MS Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint is required.
    • Current malpractice insurance preferred.

Direct Hire

Salary 70K+ DOE




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